Marion Mundana
Helping Communities Thrive

Lovely to meet you and welcome to my page!

Like many of you, I wear more than 1 hat in life.
Loving partner to my husband of nearly 30 years, mother of 4 beautiful daughters and grandmother of 3
Daughter, sister, friend.

I have a background in education, and have taught for many years.
I've also worked with not-for-profits delivering education for girls and vulnerable young people in remote Nepal
These day I also run an online  business in the Health Fitness and Beauty sectors.

I've lived and worked in 5 states in Australia and travelled widely in our beautiful country.
I love the wild environment of Australia and easygoing, friendly nature of our people.
But times have been tough for many, and I am here with a solution.

Please see below for the Fundrise Project -  A Social Enterprise, community related marketing solution.
It's aim is to raise funds money for our local charities and not-for profits,
Provide a  stable, inexpensive platform for businesses to advertise on while supporting their local community and 
Create stronger community connections and a supportive local economy.

I am also a community marketer, and can help businesses to market through the Find it Locally Platform.
Please give me a call and let's talk!

Hello !  I'm Marion Mundana

Community Development

FundRise Project Coordinator

Supporting NFP organisations to become Community Partners to raise funds for their NFP and develop community leadership programs.


ü  Creating stronger community connections

ü  Raising funds for worthwhile causes

ü  Supporting growth for Australian Enterprises



    +61 481531824 

Business Support

Mundana Global

Find It Locally Category Marketing

Connecting businesses with long lasting marketing platforms designed to increase their market potential.


ü Offering affordable marketing and long term exposure

ü Directing online traffic to Australian Businesses

ü Building effective solutions for market growth

New Solutions for your Wellbeing

In these difficult times we are challeneged to  take responsibility for our own health.  How to do that? At Mundana Global we have sought out cutting edge health solutions which are based on sound scientific research. We:


üOffer customers a chance to heal, restore and strenghten from the cellular & genetic level up

ü Assist Health, Wellbeing & Fitness businesses to add value for their customers & broaden their client base

ü  Offer Home Based Business Solutions & training for FIL & global partners.

Marketing Package Below
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Find out more
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Find it Locally are delivering the platform to fulfill the vision of the Fundrise Program.

Our vision is to provide a  stable, widely used  platform - already at the top of google 
For the benefit of Australian Businesses, Not-for-profits, and community members ( see Fundrise link above)
During 2020-2021 FIL will be expanding to serve an Australia wide communty.
We have divided Australia into 1500 zones, with 20-25 000 people and approx 800 businesses.
Every town in Australia has a community page.
We have grouped the zones into 19 areas.
We now are offering Australian Businesses an opportunity to sponsor 1 or more Category Pages

Our Find it Locally Story

Sydney, Nth NSW, Sth NSW, West NSW,  Melbourne,  Nth VIC, South-East  VIC, West VIC, Brisbane, Nth QLD, Sth QLD, West QLD,

Perth, Nth WA, Adelaide, North-West SA, Tasmania, NT, ACT

Local Areas for Category Marketing

Marketing Package

Advertising Image with Slide Show Service

Image Size 24cm wide x 8 cm high

Placed at the top of your desired Category Page
* Limit 4 sponsors per category

Advertising Button with Link
Image 5 cm wide x  4cm high
Placed within your desired Category Page
* Limit 4 sponsors per category

  Early-Bird Benefits  

   3 months  extra exposure free

   Early bird Bonus: Local Community Members Package                 free  (value $250pa ) 

   33% discount   (on $550pa Category Sponsor Package)

Secure your position with a limit of 4 Slides  per page

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    Local Community Notice Board Advertising Member Package

Value $250 

  Advertising Button Image placed on either the Community Notice Board Front page or the Online Shopping Centre (for your business address township)
Image Size 5cm wide x 4cm high linked to your website

 Slide Show Image placed within the Local Business/Community Directory                             Size: 23.81 wide x 13.23 high

  Business Directory listing with direct call service, link to website & link to Facebook.

Early Bird Bonus 

But Wait there's more...

Find it Locally offers...

Get my Marketing Package Now

Promotion of associated notice Boards - this isn't just a blank,  empty space. 
It will be active, with lots of visitors

An easy way to have a web presence without spending lots of money

A Marketing Team who are;  actively promoting category pages, the community notice boards,  supporting your local Community Partner charity with training and advice & engaging with your community

A Marketing Co-ordinator who will be responsible for your category Australia wide

Advocating to goverment and sponsors to back the Australia wide platform ( in partnership with Fundrise Project)

Your advertsing will be advertised for 12 months  ( 15 for early birds) and beyond.  It will become the stable 'go to' platform for your community and area.  

You a chance to actively contribute to a local community organisation. 
Your advertising Dollar will go straight back into the local Economy. 
You will be supporting local projects.  
You can put your name to these projects and be proud. 


    +61 481531824  

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